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YU-GI-OH angelic energy chapter 11
chapter 11
We are in the throne room again, I´m sitting in Atems lap with my wings still out as we are making out. Atem sems to like the wings and he approes of and sees them as just another part of me and has alredy ensured me that no matter what happens, he will still love me.
He is still a little weak from having been poisond but he is recovering fast.
Vivian seamed surprised and angry when she saw us, but Tea apeard relived.
We are still waiting for Malik and Marik to get here before Star will start to explain what is going on and why ewe hwve not been able to tell them.
Finaly the two get here and Star looks at the room from rhe corner she has been standing in sinse we got here.
“It is time we gave you the explenation fore what have been going on in the past and why we have not been able to tell you untill now.” Star says as she whalks to the middel of the room.
“Well… this is an un expekted tur of events.” Marik says.
“He is on his way, Ma
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YU-GI-OH angelic energy chapter 10
chapter 10
I woke up about an hour ago and we told everyone what happend. Lets just say that the pharao whas not pleased with having his son almost taken by some wherd shadow. Whitch leads us to now.
All of us are sitting in the throne room becose it is the safest room in the palase. I´m sitting in Atem´s lap as he hugs me to try and stop the pain from starting again. I can feel that ther is somthing more evil then we have faced in a long time comming this whay and so does Joe, Marik, Ryou, Heart, Red and Star. Star sems to be the one that is most consernd as her abilites tell her more then ours tell us.
“What exaktly are these spesial abilites of yours?” Mahad asks Star as he is standing besides her.
“I do not know all of them, but those I do know include… the healing spels, some atacking spells, shape shifting, I can see into other peples mindes… that last one I do not have much control over but I try to ignore it and I can also see with the en
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YU-GI-OH angelic energy chapter 9
capter 9
The pain has gone down to just a stinging sensation but I still hope that the prinsses and her servant will not be in the throne room when we get ther.
“I alredy know that I love you Atem. I have sinse I furst saw you… but can you love me as I love you? Especially if you find out the trouth… it´s not like I dont whant to tell you, but I can´t put you in any more danger because of somthing that is my problem and not yours. Though I alredy know that you will finde out in due time. He is probebly alredy on his way here to get me and my friends.” I think as I walk next to Atem.
We get to the throne room and I feel the stinging begin ageain as both the prinsses and her servent  wher still there, I coud emedietly feel the efects of ther darkend and corupted hearts.
“Hey, there is my Atem!” The prinsses says as she runs towards us.
Atem steps out of the way whit me behinde him so that she runs past us.
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YU-GI-OH angelic energy chapter 8
chapter 8
I am in my room with Seto by my side. I am holding Yugi´s hand and praying that he is not sick. I think I might even be crying but I´m not to shure.
Then Joe comes back with Star and aparently the rest of the three royal dancers and my friends personal servents.
“Do you know what happend?” Star asks.
“No. He just whent unconscious when we got back here.” I answer.
“Huh. I´m surprised he got that far. He normaly faints whithin five minitues. But then again, he probebly didn´t whant you to whory.” She says as if this is somthing normal.
“What do you mean?” Seto asks.
“Yugi is overly sesetive towords evil and dark auras, I mean we all are, but ha feels it as realy bad pain throu out his hole body while we only get a head ake. And the prinsses and her servent is among the whorst that I have ever met. So that is what I mean when I say that I´m surprised that he got here before fainting.” She answe
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YU-GI-OH angelic energy chapter 7
chapter 7
I just got done clening Atem`s room, and am now siting on the beed, whaiting.
I hear somone comming in to the room.
“Yugi?” He asks.
“In hear.” I answer.
He walks in to my room and closes the drapes after him self and sits down next to me.
“How are you?” He asks.
“Im fine.” I say.
“Im glad fore that.” he states.
“And how are you?” I ask.
“Im good as well.” he answers.
I smile at him.
“He´s so handsome” I think.
“Do you know just how cute you are wen blushing? He asks with a smirk.
If I wher blushing before it is nothing comparde to now. I am probebly ted as a tomato.
Even so I look up at him, and fore the furste time ever, I let myself get lost in those crimsone rubies.
He looks at me with a sharming smile and I know what this feling is. I have felt it since the furste time that I saw him. I know that I love him but I do not know if my felings are returnd.
Ther whas a la
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YU-GI-OH angelic energy chapter 6
chapter 6
I wake up by Yugi asking if he should prepare a bath.
“Yes do so. And while your at it, cod you prepare todeys atier.”
“Of corse….Atem.” He sems a bite hesitent with useing my real name, but i smile reasuringly at him and he sems to calm down.
After I come out of the bathrom I see my clothes lying on my bed and Yugi is on the balcony loking out over the city.
I put on my clothes and go out to him.
“Nice view is it not?” I ask.
He turns around and i can only dicribe hime as an angel.
“Yes, it truli is a magnifisent sight.” He ansers.
I smile at hime and say:
“I think I just found a fiting nikname fore you.”
“And what coud that posebly bee?”  He asks.
“Angel.” I anser.
He only smiles at me before I remember that his new clothes shod have arived by now. I turn around and go to the door. I open it an see several packages containign Yugi´s new clothes and juw
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YU-GI-OH angelic energy chapter 5
chapter 5
We wer walking down the coridor towords Maliks room. I´m most likley to be the olny one to actually remember my masters name but i just cud not help it, he´s to dam hot.
We enter his room and he shows me a side room behind a curten. In the rom ther was a smal bed, a closet and a window.
“This is your room” He says
“Thank you master.” I anser.
“Call me Malik.” He says with a smirk.
I smile and bow my hed a litle.
“Thank you Malik.” I say.
“Good night Marik”
“Good nigt.”
He closes the drapes and I get in under the covers of the covers as I whatch the sun set and fall asleep.
We whent in to his room and then into a side room that is behinde a curtain.
“Here is your room, the other one is mine and you can tell me if ther is anything that you will be needing, puppy.” He said.
I got confused at the nickname and stod ther blinking for a second befor geting my act tog
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YU-GI-OH angelic energy chapter 4
chapter 4
{I do not now what this boys name is, I think they said it was Bakura, not that it maters at the moment, Im just going to call him ´sir´ or ´master´ anyway.} I think yo myself as we walk inside a prety big, but dark room. He walkt upp to a pair of drapes that hong on the wall and whent thruo.
“Are you comming?” He asks.
I folowed him in to a smal room with a smal bed, a closet and a window.
“This is your room… Mine is the one behinde the drapes…. um…. oh and if you need anything, fel free to tell me.” He said with a smile.
“Thank you master…..” I whisperd  softly to the floor.
“Please, just call me Bakura.” He said with a smile.
{That whas unexpekted} I think.
“Ok then Ryou, I´m going to go to bed now…. God night.”
“God night.”
He closes the drapes and I go to bed as the sun goes down.
Me, Heart and Red w
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YU-GI-OH angelic energy chapter 3
chapter 3
I´m having a hard time beleving that Im actuly hear. I´m in the palace that I have been watching fore so long. And whith the prince non the less.
“I hope thate you will be happy here” he says to me.
I just look down at the grond and answers in a wisper:
“Yes, I´m sure i will, my prince.”
He stopt and lookt at me whith a smile.
“Whell hers my room. Yours will be conected to mine… And also, when it´s just us and my closest friends you can call me Atem.” He said as we walk inside.
He closes the door after us and showd me my own room. Ther is only a thin purpul draper seperaiting the two chambers.
As I walk in I hear him say:
“God night Yugi and sleep tight.”
“God night” I anser and look ourside th window of the litle room to see the sun being on it´s way down and quickly close the thin draper, just in case, and look arownd the room.
It is a small room with only a be
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YU-GI-OH angelic energy chapter 2
chapter 2
5 000 yers later.
Atem stands besieds his fathers throne. He is borde ot of his mind as he stands and waits for the new slaves to enter so he and his friends can chose ther very own personal servent. Atem is 16 yers old and a bit short for his age and has spiky, grvity defaing hair in thre colors, Black whith crimson red tips as well as golden, lightningshapde bangs going thru it and on the sides of his face. He has crimson eyes (the same color as the tips of his hair) and perfectly tand skin. He has a golden crown whith an eye shape in the middel and whing shapes on the sides. He also has a white tunic that goes down to his knees and a blu apron like thing from the golden belt at his waist. Lastly he has a golden neck piece, golden ear rings and golden wrist and ankel bracelets.
“Father?” he askes.
“Yes my son” the pharao replies.
“Will the new slaves be her soon? Im geting kindof tierd of whiting.”
“Soon my s
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YU-GI-OH angelic energy chapter 1
chapter 1
Two shadowy figures could be seen heding down the streets of atlantis. One being mane-like and the other bieng more female looking. The only thing you could make out exept for that whoud bee that the male whas a bit shorter then the female and had spyky hair and the female had whery loong hair.
The two figures ceept runign from somthing. It lookt like a big green, glowing shadow.
The figures ran down anather street and anather till it lookt as if they had gotten rid of the green glowing shadow. They slowd down but cept whalking.
After a bit of whalking they came to a stop in an dark aleway to catch ther breth. That is when th green shadow appeard again, only this time ther whas noweer to run.
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